How to Make Talking Materials

Effectiveness of using the Speaking Pen in the language schools

By incorporating the Speaking Pen, there are the following advantages when used for hearing practice in language schools that receive good results. Students can have fun while they learn so it increases their enthusiasm for studying. It is also a good method for increasing the number of students of the school.

1. It is a useful tool for listening to a native speaker’s pronunciation repeatedly.
When learning foreign languages, it will have a different way of pronouncing sounds from your native language. Learning this is a big challenge when mastering other languages. This is why it is important to listen a native speaker’s voice over and over. The Speaking Pen is also useful tool for listening to the same sounds many times.

2. It is possible to use in a classroom.
Even when many students are studying in the same classroom, it is possible for each student to use the Speaking Pen to study. If they place the pen close to their ear to listen, they can listen without being bothered by other students using theirs at the same time.

3. They can still listen to a native speaker’s pronunciation at home.
While they will be able to listen to their teacher’s voice in class, they can’t hear a native speaker talking once they’ve gone home. This makes it difficult to learn the correct pronunciation. This problem can be solved by using a Speaking Pen.

4. Homework using listening and answering can be given.
Homework given by a school almost always ends up being centered around reading sentences and answering. If the Speaking Pen is used homework that the students listen to answer will allow them to learn pronunciation as they study.

5. Teaching materials that use the Speaking Pen can be made easily.
It might be assumed that there is a confusing procedure to producing teaching materials that use the Speaking Pen, but as long as you have an existing textbook and sound data, they can be made easily. Either by placing stickers in the existing textbooks or creating a separate sheet to listen to the sound tracks, you can make the materials without having to reprint the textbook.

6. It is still effect, even when using only part of the textbook.
If the textbook you own is very thick, to use the Speaking Pen throughout the whole text, it will require much time and effort to complete. However, if you start from small sections of representative phrases and sentences, it will be much more efficient.

It is quite easy to make talking materials.
A sound source and text of any kind can be used to do this.