Multi-lingual learning materials with cards

Learn Words with Cards
Talking Bird: Flash Cards

An illustration card of a theme that children like, such as fruits, animals and vehicles. The illustration and the dot code are printed by overlapping it. You can hear the voice of the word corresponding to the illustration by touching it with the voice pen. Learn words with pictures and voices while having fun.
It is comprised of 24 small classifications, 222 cards.


Support 10 Languages

It supports English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Indonesian languages.


Learning by Classifying Words

The card consists of a card showing a small classification (e.g.: fruit) and a card of individual illustrations (eg: apples). Memorizing the same classifications of words together can help you learn more efficiently and have a better memory.


The same large classification cards are printed with stripes of the same color at the top edge. In addition, the difference in the classification can be distinguished by the pattern of stripes.
The cards are delivered to you in a dedicated case. It is easy to organize by storing it in the holder which matches the color of the stripe.


About the Speaking Pen

It is difficult to confirm with the eyes, but you can hear the sound by touching the place where the dot code is being printed. In the case of Flash cards, the code is printed throughout the illustration plane.
Voice pens are common to Talking Bird’s language teaching series. By adding audio data to the built-in Micro SD card, you can use it as a separate teaching material.


Language Switching/Recording Function Talking Controller

To switch languages, use the supplied controller.
You can change the language by touching the flag symbol.
It is also useful for the recording function of the voice pen.
You can touch the button similar to the tape recorder and record operation.
Recording begins with the recording mark of Red Circle.
The recording ends at the stop mark.
You can play the recorded voice with the play mark.
You can pause the playback with the pose mark.
It is also possible to save/delete when recording multiple audio data.


List of Words in Ten Languages

The purpose of this study is to learn language without relying on letters, but we also attach a list of words in 10 languages (4 pages each).
The following example shows a list of words in Russia Word.