Multiple Language Web Site


People like to spread information to the world on Web sites in multiple languages.
In order to do this, it is necessary to write the contents of the article in multiple languages and to display the entire page of reference in different languages.

There are several ways to achieve multilingual sites, but the method of building sites for different languages and linking them becomes a big project and requires advanced technology of the Web.

On the other hand, multilingualism can be achieved on the website creation tool WordPress with multi-language support plugin. There are several plugins for this purpose, but they were not suited to making business sites.
However, recently plugins have evolved to a level high enough to satisfy those needs.
This is recommended as the simplest way to build multilingual website.


This site ( is an example of multilingual website based on WordPress and the plugin. Please confirm that it is possible to quickly switch between languages on each page.
In order to use the multi-language plugin, compatibility between themes and the page builder is a problem, so please find this combination as a possible reference:
WPML: Multilingualization Plugin
GeneratePress: WordPress Theme
Elementor Pro: Page Builder

The compatibility between these products has been confirmed. We can contact the support offered by these companies not only for each product, but also for any problems that may occur when used in combinations. They offer help not only for trouble, but also when experimenting with new functions.
For example, at the header of this site, the flags used to switch between languages have been enlarged. This size change was not in the original settlings, but by contacting the WPML and GeneratePress’s support staff, we were able to create a custom CSS to realize it.

Services Offered

Web Configuration Suggestions
We recommend the mentioned plugin (WPML), but responding to the requested multi-language site, another configuration can be offered as needed.
Creation of a new site from scratch or migration of an existing site into multiple languages is possible. Starting from part of the site and gradually expanding to the rest is also within our services.

Website Construction Support
We offer to create the whole website as one of our services, or to help configuring the framework for WordPress, the theme and the plugin. And for customers who wish to create the site on their own, we will offer counseling. We will try to answer your request.

Translation Services
We offer translations including business terms into Japanese, English and Chinese, etc. Translations performed by our contract employees or in combination with the services from the plugin company, we will respond with the services needed.

Supplying Media
We can choose illustrations suitable for your web pages from our contracted media sites, have new illustrations made for individual needs, or edit existing illustrations.
Tablet and mobile users have grown, so creating rather small illustrations such as icons can prove to be very effective. We have been putting much effort into this field.