Translation/Creation of Documents

Target Businesses
We can support any type of businesses. It is important to understand the business you are translating for, so we carry out interviews (or use Skype, etc. for remote areas), and confirm the outline of your business, the purpose of the documents, and the audience that will be reading it before starting the translation.

Offered Languages
We primarily offer Japanese, English and Chinese for translation. The target language will be checked by a native speaker before completion. For other languages, please contact us.

Emphasizing the Content
When translating, machine translations simply replace words, often making it difficult to convey your true intent. In these cases, we offer to reform the sentences to insure the intended information is communicated.

Layout Adjustment
When translating, the length of the sentences change according to different languages, and so the layout of images or graphs can be thrown off balance. If requested, we can fix or rearrange the layout of the documents.

Manuscripts for Printing
Adobe software InDesign, Illustrator, etc. has very advanced functions for creating documents. The desired contents can be neatly put together into documents for printing.

Offered Media
To make the documents easy to understand and more attractive, we offer illustrations that suit the documents being translated or editing of existing illustrations.